When Might You Need Occupational Therapy

If you’re tired of googling “occupational therapy near me” for an occupational therapy center that is close by, but also offers great services, we have multiple locations that fit both those needs. Occupational therapy is a great way to recover, re-learn, or even learn new skills after a traumatic event, surgery, or sickness. These skills are every day skills that most of us need to learn in order to participate in daily activities. Learning or re-learning these skills help you develop and maintain skills in order to function on your own in life, such as school or work.

How Do I Know When to Go to Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapy is a necessity and a great help when needing to get back to your daily routine. Without going through an illness, surgery, or disablement, it might be a little harder to recognize when you should schedule occupational therapy.

Here’s some signs to look out for:

1. Weak handshake
2. Complaints of losing hobbies
3. Repetitive questioning
4. Not able to sit on exam table without help
5. Distressed appearance

If you’re wanting to know what signs to look for that your child or a child you know needs occupational therapy, here’s some signs to look out for:

1. Not able to focus or concentrate in school
2. Easily distracted
3. Not able to follow instructions
4. Trouble completing work
5. Poor impulse control

What Happens in Occupational Therapy?

What happens in occupational therapy is entirely dependent on the individual and their reasons for being there. If this is your first time and you do not really know what to expect, here’s a list of some common practices that happen in occupation therapy:

1. Ball tossing
2. Stringing beads
3. Yoga
4. Exercises to help get dressed
5. Physical exercises

Therapy Management 

Therapy management is an important part of going to therapy. It’s a great organizing skill to develop in order to keep your appointments on track. While in occupational therapy, you may be prescribed medicine. Therapy management Is also a great way to learn how to organize and order your medication intake. It can also be what your occupational therapist has you working on in your sessions. By managing what needs to be worked on, how much, and for how long. 

Theradynamics in New Jersey

If you’re located in New Jersey or in New York and looking for occupational therapy near you, Theradynamics has multiple locations. There’s a Theradynamics in New Jersey and also locations in New York in Queens, the Bronx, and Manhattan. We want you to be pain-free, and functioning back to your daily task. We’re here to help you get back your life! Visit our website today to book an appointment.