Our OT professionals aim to restore, adapt and modify permanent and temporary disabilities through exercises, education, and training, adaptive technologies and tools, environmental modification while targeting areas such as personal care, activities of daily living, household chores, work-related tasks, and social activities.

Conditions We Treat:
– Alzheimer’s/Dementia
– Autism
– Auditory Processing Disorder
– Brain Injury
– Concussions
– Cerebral Palsy
– Development Delays
– Dyslexia
​- Learning Disabilities
– Parkinson Disease
​- Stroke​

Occupational Therapy Can Improve:
– Motor Control and Coordination
– Executive Functions
– Attention and Concentration
– Working Memory
– Language
– Processing Speed
– Reading Comprehension
– Sensory Processing
– Self Regulation
– Mathematics
– Expressive and Receptive
– Reading Rate and Fluency
– Academic Performance
– Athletic Performance