Rehabilitation Technologies Leaderships
At Theradynamics, we work with industry leaders to offer scientifically proven technologies and develop new tools to serve patient needs and empower them to achieve their highest level of recovery.

Modern Approach To Rehabilitation Care
We firmly believe in the importance of staying knowledgeable on the latest advancements and evidence-based research to support our goal of successful clinical outcomes. Our intra-disciplinary approach helps deliver our patients the highest standard and quality care.

Arts of Excellence and Care
Theradynamics clinics and our staff promote healing, return to function, and healthy living in a fun and energetic environment that will make your experience in physical therapy truly rewarding and memorable.


Immediate Availability
You can connect with Theradynamics staff anytime from anywhere in a variety of different ways. We are here, with every patient, helping, answering any questions at any time!

Same-Day Appointments are available today throughout all five boroughs of New York City, and New Jersey for immediate treatment, second opinion, or any other mobility issues. Depending on the need and time of day you call, we’ll schedule an appointment for you that day (excluding holidays and weekends).

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