The Difference Between Occupational Therapy For Kids and Adults

If you’ve never experienced occupational therapy before, it can sound scary at first. You’ve come to the right place to not only find out what occupational therapy entails, but also the distinction between adult and child occupational therapy. Just like with anything else, it can be intimidating, especially if it’s for your child and they don’t quite understand. We at Theradynamics offer a distinct difference between adult and pediatric care to suit the needs of all our clients. 

What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapy is therapy that focuses on your mental, physical, and psychological skills to help you adapt and recover back to everyday activities. People who need to attend occupational therapy are ill, disabled, or have been injured. This direction of therapy focuses on helping, improving, or re-learning skills that are needed on a day-to-day basis. These skills could be from reaching out in front of you to grasp a cup, eating, getting dressed, or learning how to walk.

Adult Occupational Therapy

Adult occupational therapy does differ from pediatric therapy. This kind of therapy typically comes into play if the patient becomes injured or ill as an adult. Occupational therapy for adults can specifically focus on harnessing new skills or re-learning skills other than basic skills, but skills such as what they would need to find a new job. It can also help them operate basic machinery, such as driving a car. Occupational therapy is also very important for geriatric patients.  It can help elderly patients gain mobility back after a stroke or prevent falls.

Pediatric Occupational Therapy

Pediatric therapy can be much more complex than adult occupational therapy. Pediatrics focuses on not only the physical and mental aspect of the child, but also socially. Your child can learn how to play, socialize, and sensory processes. Some children experience speech delays, in which occupational therapy is a great resource for that. Pediatric sessions typically involve games and playing time to gain an assessment. Watching the child play gives the therapist a good amount of information needed. 

Occupational Therapy Clinic in Queens, NYC

Theradynamics offers occupational therapy at our clinics in Queens as well as in Manhattan, the Bronx, and even in New Jersey. What makes us a great place to schedule your occupational therapy is that we offer a one-on-one approach, use hands-on techniques, offer rehabilitation technologies, and offer same-day appointments.  Visit our website to book an appointment today to get back to life!