What is Occupational Therapy?

What is occupational therapy? You may have heard of it, or even be familiar with the forms of physical therapy and how they can benefit people recovering from an accident, injury, or medical procedure, but occupational therapy is something entirely different. Where physical therapy is prescribed to help our bodies recover back to regular functionality after an incident, occupational therapy can help people improve a person’s basic motor skills, improve their strength and dexterity, and even increase their range of motion and mobility. It is a medical practice dedicated to helping people maintain their independence, and perform the everyday activities that come with a productive lifestyle. Here, we will discuss some of the details of occupational therapy and how it can help you or a loved one live an independent life with dignity.

What Is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapy is the therapeutic use of everyday life occupations with persons, groups, or populations to support occupational performance and participation. Life occupations are what we know as everyday activities such as getting dressed, bathing, preparing food, and doing some basic household chores. Many elderly people, as well as people struggling with mental or physical disabilities, often find themselves unable to perform these tasks at all, or unable to do so without pain or serious risk of harming themselves. Occupational therapy is designed to help rehabilitate such people to the physical standard they require in order to complete these everyday tasks effectively. Benefits from such therapy can range from helping those suffering from blindness navigate their homes safely, helping dementia patients with visual cues and routines to help them in moments of confusion, or something as simple as helping a client with limited range of motion get dressed in the morning.Β 

How It Works!

Occupational therapists specialize in assessing their clients’ physical and mental limitations. Through these assessments, they identify which tasks the client simply cannot do and things they could do on their own with enough practice, exercise, and training techniques along with any special equipment or modifications to their home, such as wider doorways for their wheelchair, support railings in the bathroom, or even visual cues to help with moments of confusion like a stop sign on the front door. Based on these assessments, the therapist will design a combination of exercises and routines to help the client build enough strength, mobility, or memory to overcome their individual obstacles and eventually grow to a point where they can accomplish these tasks successfully, and with minimized risks. Successful occupational therapy not only ensures a bit of safety for their clients, but also helps them retain a sense of dignity and independence, which has proven to be a tremendous benefit for their mental health, as well as providing a measure of reassurance with their loved ones in regards to their safety.

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