Lifestyles continue to evolve as new technology, gadgets, sports, and social activities are introduced to the public.  Some are more exciting but can be precarious, and the reality that hits everyone are the after-effects to our body.  Wear and tear are normal parts of any mechanical motion whether it’s high-impact Zumba or kickboxing, mountain biking, or gaming on your device.  In today’s environment, we see people that are active in sports or various social activities like dancing, while others are more sedentary.  In general, active individuals are prone to overuse, soft tissue trauma, and fractures while those idlers are apt to fine motor overuse injuries.  The common denominator is that physical therapy can be very helpful in preventing and restoring function after an injury.  In fact, research shows that physical therapy, when provided as early as medically possible, results in a more rapid recovery. Therapy has been proven effective in restoring function for surgical patients especially when pre-and post-op therapy is administered.  It can also eliminate the need for surgical intervention depending upon the complexity and severity of the impairment.

Every individual has a different reason for needing physical therapy.  The more common objectives for rehabilitation are to eliminate pain, increase mobility and improve strength.  The ultimate goal for clinicians is to restore or maximize one’s functional potential to their highest, pain-free level in order to ensure a positive quality of life.   There are various specialties that are not as common and widely used eg. pre-and post-natal care, pelvic health, lymphedema management for cancer, Schroth method, LSVT, vestibular training, and kinesio taping to name a few.   Here at Theradynamics, we value the continued growth and education of all our staff and make it a priority to invest in continued education to provide a variety of specialty hands-on techniques, such as those listed above, in collaboration with our cutting-edge technology. Rehabilitation has grown at a fast pace with technological advancements, and as a result, Theradynamics has emerged as a leader in establishing assessments and wellness programs with goals of maintaining optimal physical fitness, preventing injuries, and maximizing one’s overall performance.