Speech Therapy As A Child: Reasons Why It is Important

What is Speech Therapy?

Speech therapy is a practice aimed at improving fluid communication skills. Different disorders can cause developmental delays, leading to children with poor speech skills. As a result, concerned parents often search for professionals that specialize in speech development for children. 

For you to fully understand this disorder and its challenges, this article will inform you of what speech therapy for children is and the different factors that surround it. 

Why Speech Therapy is Crucial in Developmental Years

As with many things, understanding speech-related issues and dealing with them upfront can be the difference between a short-term issue and a lifelong impediment. Paying attention to and monitoring your child’s development can help you determine whether they are maturing properly. 

For instance, by the 12-15 month marker, your child should normally be gesturing, making sounds often, and even saying their first words. By 18-24 months, they should be able to put words together regularly. By 2-4 years, they should know a wide vocabulary, speak with proper pronunciation, and speak in full sentences. 

If you feel your child is underdeveloped in these areas or suffering from a speech disorder, it is certainly worthwhile to have a proper assessment. Our clinics offer developmental therapy and occupational therapy in Queens, NY and the surrounding areas for people of all ages and we have helped thousands of other clients overcome a wide range of speech-related issues. 

Different Forms of Speech Disorders

There are many different forms of speech disorders and developmental delays that can cause problems for children later in life. It’s important to know the warning signs of speech impairments and work with children early to correct these problems before they become long-term habits. 

Common warning signs that may indicate speech impairments are stutters, limited vocabulary for their age, gesturing instead of speaking, poor articulation, and problems using a full voice/hoarseness, though there are many others. 

Here are just some of the many possible disorders that may affect your child’s speech abilities: 

Breathing Disorders
Cleft Palate
Articulation Disorders
Voice Disorders
Fluency Disorders
Early Language Delays
Vocal Nodules
Weak Muscles In The Mouth
Hearing Problems

What Can Theradynamics Do For Speech Disorders? 

At Theradynamics, we have helped thousands of clients through our many different services. Our proprietary QNFA technology gives us a multitude of different treatment methods that are backed by science and proven to be beneficial for a wide range of disorders. 

We offer services for physical therapy, developmental delays, and occupational therapy in Queens, NY, New Jersey, Manhattan, and the Bronx. Our cutting-edge scientific approach has allowed us to change the lives of many, and these services extend to speech development for children as well. 

Our pediatrics services are extensive and have been developed to help in numerous areas such as neurological disorders, scoliosis, spinal injuries, and speech development as well. We understand and work to develop the different factors that make up proper speech development like oral motor function, and brain processing. You can read all about our pediatric services here.