Sensory Performance Training

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The Sensory Performance Station is a cutting-edge assessment and training tool that improves the connections between your eyes, brain, and body. About 80% of your brain is dedicated to processing sensory information. When you train your senses, you promote a healthier brain. If your senses are misaligned or your brain is injured, your performance suffers. This technology helps identify areas that need improvement and provides customized training programs specific
to each individual.

Its currently used to improve sport performance for some of the world’s most elite athletes as well as address a multitude of conditions such as ACL injuries, strokes, traumatic brain injuries, autism, ankle injuries, multiple sclerosis, and ADHD.

Your senses are a compilation of 10 visual and Sensorimotor skills:

Eye-Hand Coordination: how quickly and accurately your hand responds to changing targets
Reaction Time: how quickly your hand reacts to a visual signal
Multiple Object Tracking: how accurately you track objects moving in space with distractions
Visual Clarity: how clearly you see distant details
Go/No-Go: how quickly and accurately you make decisions and react in pressure situations
Near-Far Quickness: how quickly you change attention between distances
Target Capture: how rapidly you visually shift and recognize a peripheral target
Depth Perception: how accurately you judge depth information at a distance
Perception Span: how quickly you visually acquire critical information
Contrast Sensitivity: how accurately you judge differences in contrast

// strobe goggles

Strobe Goggles enhance the sensory training experience. Using liquid crystal technology, the goggle lenses flicker between clear and opaque, removing visual information and forcing you to process more efficiently. Research also shows that strobe goggles can expedite and improve positive rehabilitation outcomes.


Receive information sharper, process it quicker, and react faster than those around you
Have more time in those clutch moments of the game
Slow the game down
See how your results compare to others (amateur, collegiate, semi-pro, pro)