Clinical Massage


At Theradynamics Physical & Occupational Therapy, we offer clinical massage as a part of our comprehensive approach to patient care. Clinical massage therapy involves the application of manual techniques to address specific musculoskeletal conditions, reduce pain, promote relaxation, and enhance overall well-being. Here’s an overview of how we approach clinical massage at Theradynamics:

1. Assessment and Evaluation: Our skilled therapists will begin by conducting a thorough assessment and evaluation to understand your specific needs and goals. They will review your medical history, discuss your symptoms or concerns, and perform a physical examination to identify any areas of tension, discomfort, or dysfunction.

2. Treatment Plan Development: Based on the assessment findings, our therapists will develop a personalized treatment plan that targets your specific condition or goals. The plan may include clinical massage techniques, as well as other complementary therapies or exercises, to address your unique needs.

3. Targeted Techniques: Our therapists will utilize a variety of specialized massage techniques tailored to your condition and preferences. These may include deep tissue massage, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, stretching, and other manual techniques designed to alleviate pain, release muscle tension, improve circulation, and enhance range of motion.

4. Integration with Therapy: Clinical massage therapy is often integrated into your overall therapy plan, complementing other physical or occupational therapy interventions you may be receiving. This integration ensures a holistic and coordinated approach to your care, addressing both the underlying musculoskeletal issues and any functional limitations or goals you may have.

5. Education and Self-Care: During your sessions, our therapists may provide education on self-care techniques, including stretching exercises, postural adjustments, and lifestyle modifications to support the benefits of clinical massage therapy. This empowers you to actively participate in your own healing process and maintain progress between sessions.

6. Communication and Collaboration: Throughout the treatment process, our therapists maintain open communication with you, ensuring your comfort, addressing any concerns, and adjusting the treatment plan as needed. They may also collaborate with other members of your healthcare team, such as physicians or other therapists, to ensure a coordinated and integrated approach to your care.

It’s important to note that clinical massage therapy at Theradynamics is performed by licensed and trained massage therapists who are knowledgeable in working within a clinical setting and collaborating with other healthcare professionals.