Physical Therapy is Key: Knee Replacement Recovery

Knee injuries are quite a pain. Throbbing and aching aside, these types of injuries can make it difficult to move and go about your daily life and can cause further injury if not treated properly. You’re not alone if you are suffering from hurt or injured knees. Here in the United States, knees are the most replaced joint with 1 in 10 Americans having a complete knee replacement by the time they are 80. While replacing the hurt knee is a great place to start for these patients, full recovery usually requires more time to strengthen the leg and get the body acclimated to the new joint. To do this, most doctors prescribe physical therapy for knee replacement. Researchers have found that aggressive PT training is the key to a successful recovery, and if cut short, can lead to chronic knee pain. Here are some of the different ways that PT can strengthen your knee and get you back on your feet

Increased Range of Motion

Swelling and pain are a part of almost all serious injuries and major surgeries. This swelling can limit your range of motion and ability to get around. If done prematurely, moving and stretching to loosen a joint can increase the swelling and possibly lead to reinjury. So how are you supposed to regain that lost range of motion? During physical therapy after a knee replacement, your therapist will design a plan that is customized to fit your exact needs so that you can regain that range of motion safely. Many patients are in a hurry to get back to normal, but when it comes to giving the body time to heal, patience is key.

Muscle Strengthening

Once your knee has healed, weak thigh and lower leg muscles could make you reliant on a cane for support, even after you no longer need a walker or crutches. Just like the increasing range of motion, attempting to strengthen your leg prematurely can cause problems for your new knee. At PT, your trainer will know what exercises are safe, and how many you should do to avoid overexertion.

Functional and Activity Training

Once your knee can handle the full weight of your body, your PT trainer may start to introduce new activities to your routine that you did before your knee replacement. These activities usually consist of tasks like walking up and down the stairs or crossing a busy street. If you play sports or have a physically demanding job, your trainer may do something more geared to that profession. In either case, your trainer can design a plan that considers your lifestyle so that you can get back to doing the things you love without the fear of reinjury.

Knee Surgery Rehab in Queens, NYC

Waiting to recover from an injury can be frustrating, but over-exertion can leave you worse off than you were. Finding the balance between rest and strengthening is the key to getting back on your feet. After completing a full assessment, our team at Theradynamics will design a plan to help decrease your knee pain, increase strength and improve overall mobility. If you are looking for a place to begin pt for your knee replacement, don’t hesitate to contact our physical therapy offices in Queens, New Jersey, Manhattan, and the Bronx.