Physical Therapy After An Ankle Surgery

With any serious surgery comes a recovery process. While this recovery time can be spent however the patient feels fit, most doctors would recommend physical therapy after surgery to guide the healing process and strengthen the area. If you have suffered an ankle injury severe enough for surgery, then you already know how vital your ankles are to general mobility. Though surgery will help correct the initial injury, there is still a lot of healing that has to be done after the operation. Here are a few of the benefits of visiting physical therapy for ankle surgery.

Increased Muscle Strength

Most surgeons will immobilize your ankle after surgery. Leaving your ankle completely immobile after surgery has been shown to cause issues. The muscle volume surrounding the injury will decrease, leaving the injury vulnerable. It’s possible to lose over 20% of the muscle mass in your ankle region in just one month of immobilization. Physical therapy can help you regain that lost muscle and more. Often patients will jump straight back into their old ways once the cast comes off, only to wind up back in the hospital. Physical therapy helps guide the healing process so that you can get back to normal as fast as possible without running the risk of re-injury.

Increased Range Of Motion

After the immobilization process, you won’t have the full range of motion that you had before the injury. This can limit your abilities to do everyday activities and contribute to pain. Instead of trying to stretch it out yourself, having a trained physical therapist do it for you is a much safer, more effective alternative. During physical therapy, your practitioner can show you the proper stretching forms so that you can continue them at home.

Decreased Pain Levels

It should go without saying that any injury or surgery can be quite painful. Having a PSR tibial insert has been shown to decrease pain levels. Joint Mobilization is a type of therapy that can help patients deal with post-surgery pain. Through mobilizing, stretching, and strengthening at the right stress levels, your therapist can help you reduce the level of pain surrounding an injury. Increasing strength and flexibility are key when it comes to reducing pain levels.Β 

Where Can I Find A Physical Therapy Office In Queens?

Physical therapy is all about strengthening your body to reduce pain and improve your physical well-being. If you are looking to get physical therapy for your ankle, our medical technology can get you back on your feet the fastest. Here at Theradynamics, getting you back in the game is our priority. If you would like to learn more about our services, please visit one of our Theradynamics locations in Queens, the Bronx, Manhattan, or New Jersey.