Truth or Myth: Hip Pain Only Comes With Old Age

One of the most common physical ailments we help our clients manage is recurring hip pain. The popular misconception is that hip pain is only for older people but while this is a persistent myth, it is a myth nonetheless. While hip pain is often associated with the general effects of aging, the fact is that it is all too common in the younger demographic as well. 

Hip pain can be debilitating, effectively ruining your ability to lead a normal life. Our Theradynamics Manhattan, NY clinic assesses multiple clients with chronic hip pain on a weekly basis. With this experience and understanding of hip pain, we are able to share our knowledge here and demonstrate how our clinics can help anyone that is affected by this disorder. 

Hip Pain in Children And Young Adults

Looking into statistics regarding hip pain, we can see that it is surprisingly common in children and young adults. The factors surrounding hip pain in this younger generation can vary wildly. Oftentimes there is no need for concern as mild cases are often harmless and colloquially referred to as “growing pains.” 

However, serious diseases like Perthes disease or dysplasia can cause strenuous hip pain in children. Injuries and continuously putting stress on the body is another commonly reported cause of hip pain in young adults. If you are a concerned parent who is trying to determine if your child may be dealing with a serious hip issue, there are some clues to consider. 

Pay attention to details like if the pain only occurs while bearing weight, moving, or while resting. Also, if your child instead complains of knee or thigh pain, this could be a potential indicator. In these cases, physical therapy for hip pain is often beneficial. However, a proper medical assessment will be best to inform you of the challenges and potential treatments you can consider. 

Other Potential Causes of Hip Pain

The potential causes of hip pain are extensive. This is especially true when you consider how many other innate pains and problems in the body actually trace back to hip pain. Because there are so many different nerve paths and tissues that work in tandem with the hip, problems in this area can manifest in discomfort in the thigh, groin, and lower back areas as well. 

For older people, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are two of the most common culprits of recurring hip pain. Traumatic injuries like car accidents or falls in the home often cause pain down the line as well. Bone and joint infections, sciatica issues and even bone cancer can be possible causes. It is of the utmost importance to seek a proper assessment from medical professionals for any recurring issues because they may be indicative of deeper problems. 

Managing Chronic Hip Pain 

If you have suffered from hip pain long enough and decided to take action, Theradynamics in Manhattan, NYC is an experienced clinic that can aid you in this process. Our proprietary QFNA services allow us to treat hip pain utilizing one of numerous cutting-edge technologies

Physical therapy for hip pain is often a multifaceted approach that can include several different methods depending on your specific situations. With this in mind, it is crucial that you receive a proper assessment at one of our clinics in Manhattan, Queens, New Jersey or the Bronx so we can create a personalized plan of action for you.