In-Season Vs Off-Season Sports Treatment; How they Differ

It’s incorrect to assume that you should only attend physical therapy when your body is telling you it needs help. Competitive attitudes are essential to your success during your sport. Ignoring the warning signs is a surefire way to lead to injuries down the road. Physical therapy is a crucial ingredient in the formula for success. In-season treatments are often utilized to promote recovery, while off-season treatments are intended to extend your abilities. Below the experts at Theradynamics have listed several treatments that can be done during the season, as well as the off-season to keep your body at peak performance.

In-Season Sports Treatment

While you’re working out and pushing your body to its limits during training or games, your body needs time to recover as much as it does exercise. Rest and recovery is an essential aspect of an in-season training program because it allows you the ability to repair and strengthen yourself in-between exertion. Professional athletes use recovery modalities regularly to maximize their performance in strength training, as well as reduce the risk of injuries. 

Active recovery workouts are a great way to follow your strenuous workouts with low-intensity exercises. Examples include:

1. Walking
2. Yoga
3. Swimming
4. Foam Rolling
5. Stretching

Oftentimes, these active recovery methods are considered more important and beneficial than inactivity, resting completely, or sitting. By allowing the slow transition of motion, these methods can keep blood circulating, aid in muscle recovery, and rebuild your body after intense physical activity. 

Off-Season Sports Treatment

The off-season provides an excellent recovery to rest, as well as builds strength, endurance, flexibility, and balance. Taking advantage of physical development is a great way to separate yourself from the competition. 

Whether you sustained a lingering injury or are fatigued after the stresses of a long season, off-season treatments can allow for a more unified approach to fitness. These off-season treatment sessions can be an effective time for rehabilitation and rehab management. Theradynamics is here to provide our patients the opportunity to maximize their potential and raise their abilities.

Strength training, flexibility training, and balance training can all take place in our clinics to help our athletic clients maximize their abilities in ways that are unique and beneficial. Setting our clients up not only to be their physical best, but their most athletic is a goal that we at Theradynamics feel is crucial.

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