How Does Technology Come into Play with Rehab and Recovery

With the evolution of technology, we have always been able to find more specific and efficient solutions to seemingly impossible problems. Our industry in particular has been able to take advantage of the way we can treat patients. Theradynamics is one of the most trusted rehab and recovery providers when it comes to advancing the way we treat our patients. 

3D Movement Screening

One of the newest technologies that have made its way into our industry is the application of 3D Movement Screenings. This cutting edge assessment and diagnostic tool utilizes proprietary Joint Mapping Technology to effectively analyze your body’s:

1. Biomechanics
2. Functional Movement
3. Motor Control
4. Flexibility
5. Sport-Specific Motions

By using this new technology we’re able to give insight to our team of experts into your body’s movement and identify asymmetrical imbalances. From there we’re able to take that data and create individualized treatments, training, rehabs, or recovery protocols to increase your output and ease the stresses that were unnatural on your body. 

NormaTec Pneumatic Compression Therapy

This compression massage device has raised the bar with what it means to engage and invigorate your muscle tissue and dramatically reduce tightness and soreness. Pneumatic compression actively engages your body’s natural ability to recover. When it’s used as part of a rehab protocol, this therapy helps to accelerate your recovery, and improve patient satisfaction. Compression massage before competitions can greatly minimize your risk of injury by circulating blood and engaging muscle tissues. 

Iontophoresis Therapy

In simple terms, iontophoresis is a low-level electrical current and medicated gel that delivers results through your skin. This innovative anti-inflammatory therapy is usually used in the treatment of:

1. Tendonitis
2. Bursitis
3. Adhesive Capsulitis
4. Arthritis

If you have sustained inflammation and pain of muscles and tendons this rapid, noninvasive, local anesthetic is used to ease your pain. We often utilize this treatment for our patients who have experienced achilles tendon damage. But it’s not limited to this area of the body either; tennis elbow, rheumatoid arthritis, plantar fasciitis, TMJ disorders, hip pain, and even carpal tunnel can be effectively treated with our methods. 

Thermal and Non-thermal Ultrasound therapy

Ultrasounds in general increase blood circulation to the treated area of your body. By increasing blood flow, you also increase the rate that your body delivers nutrients and eliminate waste. This treatment promotes healthy healing and decreases swelling and inflammation. Thermal ultrasound utilizes continuous sound waves to reduce or control muscle pain or spasms and increase soft tissue flexibility. Non-thermal ultrasound treatments involve pulsed soundwaves that are absorbed by the body to accelerate tissue healing and reduce tissue inflammation without the application of relaxing heat.

Theradynamics is your Rehab & Recovery Specialists in Manhattan, NYC

Our clinics and experts are all trained on how to effectively reduce your pain. Whether you choose one of our highly requested technological methods or prefer a classic massage. Theradynamics is here to accelerate your rehab and recovery in areas around Queens, Manhattan, the Bronx, and New Jersey. You deserve to feel good. If you’re interested in our treatment methods in the Manhattan area or our other locations, click here to book an appointment at Theradynamics Manhattan.