Everything A Parent Should Know When It Comes to OT

Occupational therapy is a new and growing field of health care. If you aren’t sure how occupational therapy helps or what it makes it different than other types of therapy, you’re not alone. Founded around 1920, OT stemmed from the arts and crafts movement and the moral treatment movement, and aimed to accomplish three goals:

1. To study and find occupations suitable for various forms of handicap
2. To use occupation as a new therapeutic measure
3. To spread knowledge about the field

Since the early 1900s, OT has come a long way. Now over 100 thousand occupational therapists are working in the US alone. As the field progressed, OT began to focus on more than just people with disabilities and handicaps. Occupational therapy is all about development through everyday tasks, and one group that has the potential to benefit the most from this is children. 

OT for kids aims to help improve things like school performance, social ability, and motor function. Before you sign your child up for occupational therapy, here are a few things that every parent should know. 

Benefits Of Occupational Therapy for Pediatric Patients

OT aims to adapt and modify pain and disabilities through various exercises, education, and adaptive technologies. Some of the benefits of occupational therapy include:

1. Motor Control and Coordination
2. Executive Functions
3. Attention and Concentration
4. Working Memory
5. Language
6. Processing Speed
7. Reading Comprehension
8. Sensory Processing
9. Self Regulation
10. Mathematics
11. Expressive and Receptive
12. Reading Rate and Fluency
13. Academic Performance
14. Athletic Performance

The benefits of OT vary from client to client, but here at Theradynamics we believe in a holistic approach. This means that both physical and mental needs are taken into consideration during our therapy sessions.

What Should You Expect

If this is your first time looking for occupational therapy in the Manhattan, NYC area you are probably wondering what to expect. The first step is an individualized evaluation to determine the goals of the patient. These goals are used to design a customized treatment plan that will help our patient improve their abilities from day-to-day activities, and reach those goals. As the treatment plan progresses, there are outcomes evaluations to make sure our patients are meeting their goals. 

With all of the benefits that come with OT, it would make any parent want to send their child, but OT isn’t for everybody. There is a big difference between needing OT and benefiting from it. 

Here at Theradynamics, we offer pediatric therapy to patients with:

2. Alzheimer’s/Dementia
3. Autism
4. Auditory Processing Disorder
5. Brain Injury
6. Concussions
7. Cerebral Palsy
8. Development Delays
9. Dyslexia
10. ​Learning Disabilities
11. Parkinson Disease
12. Stroke​

Pediatric Occupational Therapy with Theradynamics in Manhattan, NYC

Here at Theradynamics, our health care professionals work hard to get you back on your feet at our pediatric location in Manhattan, NYC. If you have more questions about Occupational therapy or would like to book an appointment, click the link.