Consistency is Key When it Comes to PT

When you are first starting physical therapy, it can be difficult to know exactly how often you should be coming in, and how much time you should spend letting your body heal in order to fully reap the benefits of physical therapy. For most people, going to physical therapy three times a week gives their body the strengthening it needs while still allowing plenty of time for rest and healing. 

Getting the right amount of PT every week is important, but it can be easy to slip out of the routine once your body has started to recover. Most patients start PT to alleviate pain or tension. Once that pain has been relieved, many patients assume that they are done with PT and will be fine to resume regular activity. While this would be ideal, the body will still need time to strengthen before you are fully recovered. Here are a few reasons that make consistency the key to a successful PT program.

Physical Therapy Can Establish Routine Health

Going to physical therapy regularly is the best way to help your body recover, but there is more to PT than the body alone. Getting into a consistent routine while you are in PT will help form healthy habits that you can take advantage of once you are ready to stop attending therapy. Going to therapy three times a week for personal health and strengthening over an extended period of time will make it more likely that you continue that routine even after your program has ended, which is essential to prevent recurring injuries.

At Home Strengthening

Three PT sessions a week is a great place to start, but not everything can be accomplished during that time. There are 168 hours in a week, and each session is typically an hour-long, meaning you are only spending about 1.7 percent of your time trying to strengthen and heal your body. 

Regularly attending PT and finding time to take out of your day to maintain physical health is the foundation that will keep your injuries from becoming reaggravated. Toward the end of almost every PT program, your therapist will compile a list of exercises or stretches that will help you continue to strengthen your body. Without the proper consistency and willpower, it is unlikely that a patient will stick with it long after therapy, often resulting in reaggravation and a trip back to PT.   

Physical Therapy in the Bronx

Forming the habit of exercising regularly while you are in PT will help you carry that routine into your independent exercise in the future, reducing injuries and keeping your body at its best. Rehab here at Theradynamics means using cutting-edge technology and proven methods to promote overall health and boost human performance. We have a proprietary assessment technology we can offer to our patients called QFNA. To learn more about the services we offer, visit one of our physical therapy offices in the Bronx, Queens, New Jersey, and Manhattan.