Can Occupational Therapy Improve Your Academic Performance?

School can be difficult for all types of students. Whether you are just getting your children into school, or they’ve been attending for a few years now, it is important to keep track of their academic progress. Though any serious developmental delays are likely to be noticed early on, if your student begins struggling in the classroom, it is best to seek a solution as soon as possible. Occupational therapy is a form of therapy that helps those recuperating from physical and mental illnesses through the completion of ‘occupations’, or tasks. Occupational therapy can help in various ways, but can it improve academic performance?

Occupational For Academics

Occupational therapy can be very beneficial for students that qualify for it. If you or your student is struggling with one of the following, then they could benefit from occupational therapy.

1. Behavioral or emotional problems

2. Delayed development

3. Learning disorders

4. Language difficulties

5. Hearing problems

6. Visual problems

ADHD is a behavioral disorder that occupational therapy can help with as well. According to the CDC, ADHD affects 11% of school-aged children. Through special educational programs, occupational therapy can help ADHD patients learn how to limit distractions and stay organized in a school environment. Occupational therapy can also help students with autism find a workspace they can be successful in and a schedule that promotes productivity through predictability.

What Can Occupational Therapy Do For You?

School-based occupational therapists specialize in child development and work alongside their students at school. While they are working together, OTs can

1. Use special materials and devices to aid the student

2. Make tailored changes to the classroom for better learning

3. Help with physical skills such as writing and self-care

4. Meet with the student’s teacher to provide recommendations for later

5. Help them stay organized

Caregiving and specialized teaching are essential for students with special needs. Your child’s OT may suggest activities you could do at home to help at school, such as planning for sleep or designating time for homework.

Find Occupational Therapy Near Me

Occupational therapy could be for them if you or someone you know is struggling in the classroom, occupational therapy could be for them. Here at Theradynamics, we believe in using the latest and most advanced medical technologies in our practice. The interactive metronome is an advanced occupational therapy tool that offers a wide variety of programs to help you develop your motor skills through scenario games that improve mind-muscle connections. If you want to know more, or would like to schedule an appointment, please visit Theradynamics in the Bronx, NYC, or one of our other locations in Queens, Manhattan, and New Jersey.