Are You Ready to Start Playing Sports Again?

Whether you tore your rotator cuff lifting heavy weights, your ACL playing soccer, or simply twisted an ankle, and now you’ve had to sit out the last few games. Once the initial pain subsides and your body begins to heal, it can be tempting to rush back onto the court. Even if you feel like you are ready to go, there are a few things you should do before you resume playing. Getting back in the game before your body has had the proper amount of time to heal is a recipe for reinjury and could lead to another few weeks on the bench. Here are a few things to consider before you decide to get back on the field.

Get Approval From Your Doctor

I know you might think you’re ready, but it is important to talk to a professional before you throw yourself into your next match. Whether it is a physical therapist or your family doctor, be sure to ask them what they think. You shouldn’t return to your sport if your injuries are still swollen, stiff or tender. Pushing yourself too soon can prolong recovery, so it’s best to get the all-clear from a professional before you accidentally overexert yourself.  

Start Slow

Even if you’re the star member of your championship team and you are used to pushing your body to its limit, the first day back on the field is not the best time to go all out. Before you give it your all, it is best to work back up to the level you were at. For example, perhaps you used to run 8 miles every day. Instead of running 8 miles on your first day back, it would be better to start with walking that distance. As the week progresses, you can start to jog more and more of that length, and then after a few more days, you can try running if you feel ready.

Listen to your Body

When you are getting back into your routine, be extra mindful of your body and how it is feeling. A little bit of discomfort is ok, but any more than that is not. Pushing through a slight discomfort can sometimes help you strengthen the part of your body that is injured, but you should never be in immense pain. If the pain is agonizing or lasts for more than an hour after training, then you’ve pushed too far and may need to rest for the next few days. It can be tempting to ignore these discomforts if you are excited to get back into the game, but they will only get worse if you ignore them.

Physical Therapy in Queens, NY

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