6 Common Sports Injuries & How To Avoid Them

Manhattan is an active area. As the most densely populated of New York’s five boroughs, it’s no surprise that there are lots of sports, parks, and people out and about. While having an active lifestyle is a healthy habit, you do run the risk of sustaining an injury. Here at Theradynamics physical therapy, we see a lot of sports injuries every day. If you lead an active lifestyle, here are a few tips on how you can avoid sports injuries.

Dislocated Shoulder

Dislocated shoulders occur when the upper arm comes out of the shoulder socket. This type of injury typically occurs because of contact sports like football, hockey, and rugby, though this isn’t always the case. A hard collision, tackle, or fall can result in dislocation as well. Rotator cuff muscles are connected to the shoulder, and a weak rotator cuff can increase your risk of dislocation. Doing exercises that strengthen the muscles around the rotator cuff can stabilize your shoulder and prevent it from dislocating. Pushups, resistance band routines, and shrugs are all good ways to strengthen this area.  

Knee Sprain

Sprains occur when a ligament in your body is stretched too far or torn. Knees are full of such ligaments, and sports can be very hard on your knees. Football, basketball, and soccer are known for resulting in torn ACLs and MCLs, though runners and cyclists do suffer these injuries from time to time. To prevent a knee sprain, you must warm up before any rigorous exercise. Improving the strength of your leg muscles will provide additional support to the ligaments, increasing their resilience.

Lower Back Strain

Back injuries are one of the most common and most feared injuries of all time. There are many causes of lower back pain, and playing sports is only one of them. Abnormal spine growth, pre-existing injuries, posture, and other factors all play into spine health. While lifestyle does play a major role in predicting back pain, even a sudden movement in the wrong direction can lead to a lower back strain. To prevent this from happening to you, avoid sitting for extended periods. Stretch and strengthen your lower back to provide extra support and to keep those ligaments loose. Sometimes a good warm-up can make all the difference.

Elbow Injury

The patients that come in for elbow care are primarily tennis and baseball players. Considering how these two sports are played and the repetitive nature of both, it is easy to see how the elbow might sustain injury. More often than not, the cause of an elbow injury is overuse. After years of forceful swings and throws, it’s no surprise that many of these ball players suffer chronic pain further down the road. The best way to prevent an elbow injury is by giving your arm time to rest. Taking just a few days off can provide relief and decrease inflammation.

Pulled Hamstring

Pulling a leg muscle is a major inconvenience. Not only is it painful, but it can also keep you from getting around your house. Pulled hamstrings usually occur during running, jumping, or quick speed changes.  To prevent a pulled hamstring, warm up before exercise and strengthen your glutes and quads to take some of the pressure off of your hamstring.

Ankle Sprain

Perhaps the most common sports-related injury, ankle sprains come in a wide range of severity. Some ankle sprains can occur just walking down the sidewalk, while others are in heat of a game-deciding moment. Whatever the case may be, the technique for prevention is the same. By strengthening your ankle and working on increasing flexibility, you can greatly reduce your chances of a sprain. Having the right equipment is important too. If your shoes don’t fit or aren’t meant for sports, then the chances of a sprain are high. If you have sustained an ankle sprain before, then a brace may provide the support you need to prevent re-injury.

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