5 Tips To Relieve Knee Pain

Frequent or recurring knee pain is one of the most common physical ailments affecting the world today. After all, the knee is a complex mechanism with many fragile moving parts. While knee pain is regularly reported to us, most people are unaware of the path they should take to find lasting knee pain relief. 

Get an Expert’s Assessment

There are many articles out there that may provide basic stretches and exercises to help alleviate short term knee pain. However, it is beneficial to look deeper to find the root causes of any body pains to determine if there is a serious underlying issue such as a sprain or ligament tear. 

If you are someone that suffers from chronic knee pain, your first step should be to have a proper examination and assessment. Theradynamics offers our patented specialized Quantifiable Functions Neuromuscular Assessment (QFNA), as well as physical therapy treatment in Bronx, NYC and surrounding areas. Our goal is to determine the cause of your knee pain and map out a course back to perfect health for all our guests. You can read about our services here and get on the path to solving your long term pains permanently. 

Understand The Underlying Cause

Working with a Theradynamics professional will help you to understand the true causes of your chronic knee pain and any other physical issues you may be having. Whether this is due to your lifestyle, occupation, or old injuries, our clinic will be able to determine the root cause and create a plan for the best course of action. 

Know Which Therapy Method Is Best Suited For You 

Without an assessment from an expert, you will not be able to plan which course of action is best for your individual needs. Possible treatments will depend on whether you are dealing with a long term injury or if your knee pain is due to stressing the ligaments on a daily basis. At Theradynamics, rehab can take on many different shapes. Here are just some of the methods we employ to ensure you will return to full health and mobility. 

1. Targeted Recovery

2. Kinesthetic Taping 

3. Occupational Therapy

4. Sports Rehab

5. Targeted Recovery 

6. Compression Massage

7. Massage Therapy

All of the above methods are utilized in our clinics. Each has been shown to be very effective in different areas and we constantly work to refine our methods to make them as effective as possible. If you are in need of physical therapy in the Bronx, NYC, you can stop by one of our Theradynamics clinics to get a full assessment. 

Lifestyle Changes For a Better Future 

In addition, there is a lot you can do in your daily life to ensure that you stay in the best shape for the long term. Health is all about the little choices we make every day and if you are suffering from any sort of recurring pain, working towards a better version of yourself is a necessity. 

Daily stretches for 5-10 minutes can often make a world of difference when it comes to longevity. If you want lasting knee pain relief, weight loss is often very beneficial as well. Be mindful of your posture and the way you move while at work. Also, take care to ensure you don’t aggravate old knee injuries or fall into the bad habits that caused these problems in the first place. As always, make sure to follow up with regular consultations through our clinics in Queens, New Jersey, Manhattan and the Bronx.