5 Tips to Enhance Your Motor Skills

Motor skills refer to the movement and coordination of the body. Developing these motor skills allows us to do precise motions needed for everyday activities such as opening jars, writing on paper, opening bags, and picking up small objects. Grip strength, arch development, and finger isolation all play a role in the development of these fine motor functions.Β  Occupational therapy for motor skills is a practice dedicated to helping people develop these abilities through the practice of everyday tasks. Occupational therapy can help you refine motor skills in a variety of ways. Here are five different ways you can refine your motor skills at home.

Try Your Hand at Drawing

Using a pencil to draw regularly not only allows for the development of fine-tuned motor skills, but it can also serve as a stress reliever and a creative outlet. Developing a sense of line structure and attempting to replicate other images can help develop your ability to focus and perform coordinated movements.

Put a Puzzle Together

Puzzles are an enjoyable pastime that can help you improve your motor function. Grip strength and precision are used in combination to pick up the small pieces and arrange them in the proper orientation. Puzzle solving is a good way to incorporate other people into your routine. It can be easy to become impatient and give up when you are working alone, but having a friend to talk to while you are puzzled can be enjoyable for both of you.

Get in the Kitchen

There is more that goes into preparing food than you might think. Cracking eggs, slicing bread, putting things in the oven, and cleaning up afterward all involve a great deal of coordination, and without good motor skills, these tasks can pose quite a challenge. That being said, practice makes perfect! Getting in the kitchen and preparing a meal can be a very rewarding way to hone your motor skills.

Play with Molding Clay or Play-Doh

Sculpting clay is a great way to practice finger dexterity. Pushing and pulling the Play-Doh or molding clay into the shape that you want is fun and builds the muscles you need to do other day-to-day tasks. Play-Doh is especially good for developing motor skills in children and provides a safer alternative to real clay. Though it may be hard to mold at first, setting a goal to sculpt something can give you the motivation you need to keep at it.

Crochet and Knitting

Crochet and Kitting are not the easiest hobbies to get into, but they are great for your hand-eye coordination. Knitting a scarf or making a crochet hat is a lot of sewing, but that hard work has its payoffs. Not only is knitting great for designing your wardrobe accessories but they make for great gifts as well.

Occupational Therapy for Motor Skills

If you or someone you know is suffering from a motor impairment, Theradynamics has solutions for you. The interactive metronome is an advanced occupational therapy tool that offers a wide variety of programs to help you develop your motor skills. In one of the IM’s brain fitness programs, you can choose from multiple scenario games that help you develop the mind-muscle connections needed to refine your motor skills. If you want to know more, or would like to schedule an appointment, please visit Theradynamics in the Bronx, NYC, or one of our other locations in Queens, Manhattan, and New Jersey.