At Theradynamics we take pride in working with industry leaders to offer scientifically proven technologies and develop new tools to serve our patients’ needs and empower them to achieve their highest level of function and recovery. We are excited to open our newest division designed to address the rehabilitation needs of the pediatric population from birth to 21 years of age. Our pediatric center and staff promote healing, return to function, and healthy living in a fun and energetic environment that will make your physical, occupational, and speech therapy experience truly rewarding and memorable.


– Autism Spectrum 
– Auditory Processing Disorders
– Anxiety
– Brain Injury
– Cerebral Palsy
– Communication Impairments
– Confidence / Esteem
– Dyslexia
– Dyspraxia
– Early Intervention
– Learning Disabilities
– Motor Impairments
– Nonverbal Learning Disabilities
– Oppositional defiant disorder
– Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
– Sensory Integration Disorders
– Speech-Language Disorders
– Stuttering
– Velopharyngeal Dysfunction

Our rehab center is equipped with a custom-designed solution-based “state of the art” indoor sensory gym that has been professionally installed and tested for quality and durability. Our sensory gym system has the following components:
Overhead jungle system including trapeze bar, monkey bars, zip line tracker unit, and multiple swing position attachments and accessories. Bi-level Over/under tunnel system with fully loaded rock walls, slide, stairs, ninja ramp, jump deck opening, crash pads, dry erase boards for both levels and motion sensor lights for under tunnel system. Wall-to-wall custom foam floor tiling.

Our physical therapists use play therapy, exercise, and specialized training techniques to help your child regain their strength, mobility, endurance, balance, and coordination to perform gross motor activities like crawling, walking, hopping, jumping and maneuvering, and steps, inclined ramps, stairs, and obstacles.
We also specialize in helping kids and teens with sports-related injuries to restore the necessary function and skills required for them to safely return to their sport. We believe educating both the child and family on proper warm-ups/cool-downs and proper exercising with emphasis on performance enhancement will help prevent future re-injuries.

The primary focus of our occupational therapists is to address any physical, sensory, or cognitive issues that affect a child’s fine motor control, sensory processing, cognitive skills, and visual perception. Using play therapy and other techniques will help your child hold a crayon, button a shirt, maneuver various fine tools like hooks, zippers, and shoelaces, improve handwriting skills, and develop better problem-solving skills with enhanced attention and focus.

Speech therapy not only focuses on oral motor function but also on how the brain processes and assists in language production. Some children have difficulty creating sound, producing words, and creating cohesive meaningful thoughts while others have issues with the mechanical component of feeding themselves and swallowing. Through the use of oral exercises and cognitive training techniques our speech therapists are able to address these challenges and help your child develop refined mastication, swallowing, and communication skills.